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First Instruments opened its door in 2006 and stepped into international Market with aspire of "Customer Satisfaction". Recognizing the needs of growing international market of Personal Care Implements, First Instruments extended its best endeavors to bring most innovated stainless steel applications for Beauty Care requirements.

Focusing on both Retail and Professional market, First Instruments is gazing on the individual's needs for the coming era while believing there is no end line in business.

Credit of our all achievements, in-fact goes to our worthy business partners who's shake-less confidence over First Instruments's quality products, carried us forward at the apex of Business.

Product Portfolio
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 > Pedicure
 > Beauty & Nail Saloon Implements
 > Professional Hair Cutting, Thinning & Blending Shears
 > Professional Nail Artist Kits
 > Beauty School Students' Kits
Area of Interest:
Our target market is Retail Chain Stores & Professional Beauty Supply Stores.

Our accreditations and standards gave an outline about the highest level of quality beauty instruments manufactured at Royal Beauty. We have certified following international and local quality standards.

Customer Satisfaction, Ethical Practices, Continuous Quality Improvement, Teamwork and Committed Leadership are the guiding principles of Royal Beauty Quality Policy.

"All Products are made to international specifications and standards."
"Raw materials used are of highest quality."
"Testing equipment is installed in our lab for testing of raw material & products."

Weekly working hours time in Royal Beauty does not exceed the number of hours as defined in the prevailing labor laws. Moreover,
over time is also, conducted in accordance with law.

All working places of Royal Beauty are in accordance with the human nature and totally safe and sound. We do not accept physical or moral abuses at all.

Royal Beauty strictly prohibited child labor. Royal Beauty is the registered member of international organization "ILO-IPEC". We
are "A GROUP" member of " ILO-IPEC " that means all our productions are 100% child labor free . Minimum age of employment in Royal Beauty is 18 years as per local labor laws.

Royal Beauty strongly discourages any discrimination in its employees with respect to their ethnic, religious, political and racial matters.

Royal Beauty does not use any kind of illegal forced labors or slaves.

Fire alarm equipments, fire extinguishers, exhaust system and temperature controllers.

We aim at providing and furnishing most comprehensive and comfortable services to all of our customer's community by supplying quality products at competitive prices, in time deliveries, internationa l packing standard in order to achieve the entire satisfaction of our customers.

Our training system to the management staff as well as to the production staff is run up by the highly professional trainers comprising upon MBA's and masters in their fields.

After having confirmed order from the customer our production department makes its production plan from start to end keeping in view the date of delivery. A reference number is allotted to the order, which is affixed on all related production forms it helps very effectively in keeping the production distinct from the other productions.

The reference number provides a system that assures the trace-ability of the orders that means the position of the each order
can be observed at any stage of the production, which proved very useful to control the quality of th e product.

Our experienced storekeeper affixes a tag on each item in the stock bearing material code number. These tags make separate all the items from one-another and there isn't any problem to find any required material. Storekeeper maintains stock inventory in stock register as well as in computer stock inventory package.

In this oriented world the role of a manufacturer has seriously been observed by all the well renowned brands of the world. In the view of Royal Beauty, the role of a manufacturer should, always be to safe the interest of the customer, he should has firm control on production, produce the products by using professional skill, uses all the modern technology in all his production departments, provides the best services to the customer in form of prompt reply, samplings, easy way of communications. This can only be achieved from a professional manufacturer who has full control of his strategy and planning. you can get all these from
Royal Beauty we are playing a beneficial and assisting role for all our customers taking in practice all the professional ethics of business.

A competent doctor runs a first aid medical center in house. All our workers get their treatment from the doctor free of cost.

To pick and drop the workers a free transport facility is given to the workers.

All our salaried workers enjoy with overtimes money and a yearly bonus.

North, South & Central America , European Community, Middle East, Far East and Scandinavian countries.

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We offer 24/7 Support with many ways to connect through emails and direct phone calls. Our Customer Care team provides fast, detailed responses to your questions 24 hours a day! Our goal is to respond to each query we receive within 12 to 24 hours.